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    Shark Extinction: The Shocking Truth

    Ocean lovers everywhere, we are at crisis point. The top predator species in the food chain of our oceans is being hunted to extinction. Some shark specie populations are estimated to have declined by over 99% since the 1970′s!

    The repercussions for marine eco-systems are dramatic and have devastating consequences down the food chain. To name but one example, species of Rays and Skates can explode leading in turn to the shocking decline of shellfish fisheries and a rapid reduction in water quality. And that’s just for starters!


    I.. I had no idea. ;_;

    Glad to see that shark week is clearly helping?

    Shark fin soup just got even more painful to think about. But this has got to be mostly bycatch numbers?

    This is so fucking painful to read.

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    My mom is at Blue Springs in Florida and she is seeing manatees! I am amazingly jealous right now! /marinebiologistproblems


    Guess I should go work on the lecture I have to give tomorrow. Last one of the semester!


    I’m going to give one of the most depressing lectures of my life tomorrow. Human Impacts on the Marine Environment. :( We are one fucked up species. The world would be such a better place without us.


    Teaching update stuff

    Going to give my students the option today of

    • Studing for the exam they have on Friday
    • Working on their papers that are due in 3 weeks
    • Me lecturing about stuff that is NOT on their exam on Friday

    I”m thinking they’ll go for the first option. They need to study and start their papers. My lecture is ready, but I find it stupid to lecture about something that isn’t on their exam, and then they have a week off for Thanksgiving so they won’t remember anything when they come back anyway. Plus it’s a short lecture and the next few chapters are also really short so it won’t be hard to add it into the other lectures after break.

    Oh! And I got offered BOTH of the adjunct faculty Marine Biology lectures next semester here! So yay! I’ve also applied at another college to teach Environmental Biology lecture and/or lab, and hopefully I’ll maybe get one of those, if not I also applied at another different place to teach General Biology so hopefully I’ll get at least one other job somewhere so I can have a little bit more money next year.



    I’m so frustrated with some of my students. I made this exam a lot easier than their first exam and they still complain. Let’s compare them.

    exam 2 is easier

    • I had less short answers (and they were easier) than on the first exam
    • I had more multiple choice questions, and they were worth more
    • I had true/false questions (which are generally easy)
    • I had matching questions (which are also easy)
    • I didn’t have any fill in the blanks

    So, they can stop complaining that it was too hard.

    By the way, I only gave it to 2 students who can’t make it tomorrow and they complained. I’m hoping that someone will get an A on this exam. On their first exam the high grade was a 77% and only 3 people passed. :(