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Welcome to the blog of a nerdy girl with scoliosis who is trying to lose weight.
Cycling, Archery, & Weight Lifting
HW: 250; CW: 172; UGW: 145ish


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    Can’t believe it’s been a year and 50lbs already! :DDDD


    My First draft of my weight-loss video.

    Thanks for watching!

    No Nerd Army for me. We’ll see if this meeting Zachary Levi thing works out this year at con or not. At least I’m 50lbs lighter than I was this time last year, so not all for nothing, just not as good as it could be.

    I need to decide on rewards for myself for my goals

    I’ve made my next goal weight 174. If I make it there, I will have lost 50% of the weight I want to lose. Right now I am at 182-185 so I don’t have much farther to go. I’m also having a hard time figuring out what I want my reward to be for this first milestone.

    Tumblr keeps telling me I’m not a dog, so my rewards shouldn’t be food, but as a fatty girl, I love food, so staying away from food rewards is really hard for me.

    174: New David and Victoria Beckham Perfume

    150: A Chuck/Nerd tattoo. This needs to happen before Comic Con

    135: A Road bike.



    I just realized that I’ve lost 45% of my goal (to comic con and 150 lbs) already! It’s been 5 months and 29 lbs. That’s an average of 5.8 lbs a month, which is pretty good I think!

    I have 9 more months to get to 150 and San Diego Comic Con and Zachary Levi and Nerd HQ! I’m pretty excited that I only have 55% to go.



    The cast at the Chuck Comic Con 2011 panel

    I see this, and I tear up. I will miss them so much.

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    Things I have to look forward to

    I’m feeling kind of down, so I need to make this list.

    • San Diego Comic Con 2012
    • Hopefully meeting Zachary Levi @ SDCC12
    • Nerd HQ 2012
    • Season 5 of Chuck
    • Finishing Game of Thrones
    • LA Galaxy vs. Chivas USA game on Oct. 16
    • Cycling shoes I’m going to buy tomorrow
    • Disneyland during Thanksgiving with my mom and her boyfriend

    that’s all I’ve got.


    41 Weeks until SDCC

    41 Weeks until San Diego Comic Con.  That means 41 weeks until I HOPEFULLY meet Zachery Levi at Nerd HQ.

    My goal weight for SDCC is 150lbs. I currently weight 192lbs. If you do the math, that means I have to lose a little over a pound a week to make it to my goal.

    This is really scary for me. As it is I haven’t been losing that much. I need to change something, and I am hoping that I can cut out a bunch of stuff that I would normally eat and start working out more.

    I’ve been feeling better now that I have been doing cardio 5 days a week. My best friend originally suggested I only do cardio 3 days a week and do weights the other 3 days. I stopped losing weight when I was doing that, and I didn’t feel as good. I then talked to my cycling instructor and she told me I need to do cardio every day. So I’ve been doing my cardio AFTER my weights so I still get all my weights in AND get my cardio done. By the time I do my cardio, I am really exhausted, but at least I get my 30 minutes of cardio in a day.

    1 pound a week. I can do this.

    So far my schedule is like this:

    • Sunday: Swimming (35-40 minutes of cardio)
    • Monday: Cycling class (70 minutes of cardio)
    • Tuesday: Bike (7 minutes), Weights A, Elliptical (23 minutes) (30 minutes total cardio)
    • Wednesday: Swimming (35-45 minutes of cardio)
    • Thursday: Bike (7 minutes), Weights B, Bike (23 minutes) (30 minutes total cardio)
    • Friday: Rest day
    • Saturday: Bike (7 minutes), Weights A, Elliptical (23 minutes) (30 minutes total cardio)

    Weights A and B alternate every week. So one week is ABA the next will be BAB.

    Weights A includes:

    • Bench Press
    • Lat Pulldowns
    • One arm Dumbbell Rows
    • Dumbbell Shoulder Press
    • Barbell Shurgs
    • Skull Crushers
    • Tricep Press
    • Tricep Pushdowns

    Weights B includes:

    • Barbell Deadlift
    • Calf Presses - Leg Press Machine
    • Hack Squat
    • Leg Press
    • Lunges (Dumbbell)
    • Thigh Adductor
    • Thigh Abductor

    Also! I also need to finish my Halloween costume. I still need to get some things

    1. White Capri pants (going to wait until I lose more weight)
    2. Orange converse (next paycheck)
    3. Light blue shoelaces (next paycheck)
    4. Orange tank top (If any of you see a spaghetti strap orange tank, let me know!)
    5. White apron (next paycheck)
    6. Orange headband
    7. Orange Orange iron on transfers (just need the paper)
    8. Orange watch
    9. Orange Orange Hoodie

    And I STILL don’t have anything to do for Halloween. :/

    pascal scared

  10.   this. But I really need to meet him! 48 Weeks!

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    this. But I really need to meet him! 48 Weeks!



    A New Direction - towards Comic Con 2012!

    So after attending San Diego Comic Con and realizing how much I love and am going to miss Chuck, I’ve decided to take this blog in a new direction.

    I missed out on seeing and meeting Zachary Levi this year at the Nerd HQ, I’ve decided that my one goal for next years Comic Con is going to be meeting him. I’ve been a fan of Chuck since it first started and I’m sad that this will be the last season of this awesome show (shameless plug: if you haven’t watched Chuck, I suggest you go watch it; you can watch the first 6 episodes online!).

    So, this tumblr is now going to be about my journey to losing weight for my goal of meeting Zachary Levi. I don’t want to be overweight when I meet him for the first time.

    Before this, I didn’t really have a goal, I just wanted to be thinner. It’s hard to meet things like that when you don’t have a specific goal. This will give me motivation to make it there.

    As of right now I have 49 weeks to lose 53 lbs to meet my goal. I plan on taking a picture every day (hopefully!) until I meet him in July of next year and making a time-lapse video of my progress. I won’t be updating this every day with the pictures, but here is the first one. (Ignore my messy room!)

    A small update from last time:

    I’m currently 203 lbs (down 4 from the last time). I hurt my back last Sunday and went to the doctor, for those of you who don’t know, I had scoliosis surgery when I was 13 and have 2 metal rods in my back. I got some x-rays done at the doctor and he said I will probably need to have surgery again when I’m older for multiple reasons (I won’t bore you with the details). I do have some pictures of my x-rays, so you can see how screwed up my back is!

    Anyway, my back hurt pretty bad for a couple days and the doctor gave me some anti-inflammatory. So I didn’t go to the gym for a few days and I gained about a lb in those few days (not too bad if you ask me). So I went back today for the first time. It didn’t hurt that much, so hopefully it was just a muscle strain and not something wrong with my back that the doctor didn’t notice. I cut down on some of my usual exercises and may need to get a personal trainer to help me with some core exercises that don’t hurt my back.

    If any of you have any core exercises that are good for those with scoliosis, I’d be glad to hear of some!

    Until next time! Keep on truckin!